Baked Gujjia Recipe

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Those golden glazed, sweet, fried gujiyas filled with delicious stuffing happens to be one of the festive favourites of every Indian household. However, with an increase in health awareness and the need to stay fit, you often end up compromising on your desire to eat this delectable sweet. Well, if this has been keeping you off gujiyas, then this Holi try a healthy version of this traditional gujiya and enjoy the true essence of this festival. So, here's a healthy version of the delicious sweet, follow the below given steps and try our recipe for Baked Gujiya. Prepared using ghee, milk, mawa, sugar and dry fruits and refined flour, this dish will become an instant hit at every occasion. Nostalgic and mouth-watering, these gujiyas are baked to perfection for an aromatic and ambrosial experience, which will leave you craving for more. Serve them at a kitty parties, potlucks, celebratory dinners or make some to satisfy those lazy afternoon cravings. With a tantalizing fragrance that no one will be able to resist, this recipe will be loved by people of all ages, from kids to elders. These sweet and savory puffs of heaven can be baked in just in an hour. So, gather your ingredients and follow us through this easy recipe to bake some lip-smacking gujiyas and enjoy them without feeling guilty! So, try it today and share your feedback in the below given comment section.